Israel in a box

We can’t say that the last two years were a walk in the park. Between covid – 19 and present times, we had our fair share of restrictions, illness and quarantine. When family time needs some refreshing, Israel in a box is more than a concept.


More than educative

Israel in a box is the real goal an aspiration of Genesi box. This game allows you to go out and explore the main attractions of Israel and its major historical sites and points of interest, from the comfort of your home! At Genesi Box Website you can discover all of the various options to head out and explore the country!

Israel in a box

What’s in the box

Genesi box is an amazing interactive experience all packed up in a treasure box. Once you open the box, you need to insert a code at the genesi box website and then a video of the box’s theme will launch! From that point, you and all of your family will need to pay attention to key clues, work with the map and solve riddles. All of these happen while you explore the city through the video and the game box!


Family quality time

After so many restrictions, quarantines and sick days. It is time for a fun attraction at the foot of your sofa. Genes box is the perfect opportunity for you and your children to re – connect and reinforce the family connection. It is a great game to let your children lead it and boost all off their natural skills.

Israel in a box

Roots in the ground

Genesi box is all about re – connecting with our country and its religious roots. This game box allows family members and especially the children to enjoy the most interactive educational experience. Jerusalem city and all of its unique stories are now available to all family to enjoy and learn.


Quick recap

You just received a quick introduction with the rarest game box out there at the moment. There hardly any box games that allow you to explore entire cities in their current state all while exploring and discussing religion and history.

Genesi box is full of surprises and once in a box piece of clues and educational tools that really turns the learning experience to a first of its kind, nationwide! Head to the website today, take your pick, and all that’s left to is wait for its arrival!

Israel in a box


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