About Me

Debby Dreyer Gabbai

Debby Dreyer can be your best partner to make the best of your real estate experience. She has what it takes to give her clients the highest satisfaction and successful results. Whether it’s buying or selling, Debby will get you covered.

Who am I?

I’m Debby Dreyer Gabbai, and I’m a professional real estate agent. I live in LA, and I’m dedicated to serving my clients. I’m willing to work hard to provide my customers with the highest satisfaction level. Your success is also an achievement for me.

Why work with me?

Personal Relationship

I’m here to guide you with your project. I will be here throughout the whole process. I will resolve every concern or question you may have. I’m also looking forward to establishing good relationships with my clients.


Many opportunities come to those prepared. Professionalism is essential in the real estate industry. I work with my clients with a high level of professionalism because I don’t want to disappoint you with your property project.


For more than 30 years, I have invested in the real estate industry with great success. I’m working hard to satisfy my clients. I treat the capital of my client as my own. With my service, your project is in safe hands. I work with integrity and professionalism with my clients. My experience helped me gain valuable insights to give the best service to my clients.


The real estate market can be complicated. It’s challenging if you don’t have enough knowledge about the industry. Don’t worry because I’m here to guide you if you will buy, lease or sell your property. With my year of experience, I gained helpful insights. So, I can be your trusted advisor.

My Clients

My clients are my priority. I will be here for you to help you with your choices. I will not leave you until I provide you with the highest level of satisfaction you deserve. With me, you can get the best results from your property project.
How am I going to help you?

If you plan to buy or sell an asset, I will help you search for the right person for your project. I have the right connections to give you the best deal. I will not leave you until you get the best results for your home selling or buying project. 

Go with the best in the field, never compromise. Debby Dreyer Gabbai – Your partner for success.