How to know if your business need a mobile proxy

you have a company, or some sort of business and you are wondering if you should use a mobile proxy. Here are some reasons to use mobile proxies in a business that may help you to decide if your business need it.



a mobile proxy may add another layer of security to your business. The mobile proxy practically stands between your business and the outside world online. Hackers will have difficult time reaching to your sensitive data if you have a mobile proxy to protect it.

business needs a mobile proxy


Sometime a business has reasons to use anonymity in it’s actions, like protecting sensitive data, protecting identities of clients, partners, or investors of the company, conducting researches and collecting data. A mobile proxy will give the anonymity to do all of that safely.


Social media

with a mobile proxy, your business can collect data from social media accounts. The protection on the social media will usually prevent access to scraping bots (bots that collects data). With a mobile proxy, using a mobile IP address your bot will go arounds those protections and will get access to the data.

Another usage of a mobile proxy is that it will allow you to use multiple accounts on the same platform which most platforms won’t allow it. This way, if your business need more than one account in the platform, it will show as a different user to the platform thanks to the mobile proxy.

business needs a mobile proxy

Access to region content

Blocking access to data by region, also known as geo-blocking, it’s a known way to prevent access to competitive data. Businesses can use a mobile proxy to gain access to geo-specific data, meaning they will know the specific data that they need about the specific region.


To summarize

Some businesses use mobile proxies, here are some reasons why. Mobile proxies add a layer of security to your business. Anonymity is sometimes required, for example to protect sensitive data, identities of clients and partners, research for data etc.

In social media a mobile proxy can be useful in two aspects: one – scraping bots will gain access to data in social media while otherwise they will be blocked. Two – having multiple accounts in a specific platform will be possible. Another thing you can get is access to region content. The mobile proxy will allow you to go around geo – blocking and gain specific data from a specific region.

business needs a mobile proxy

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