When will I need to get a document notarized?

Notarization is a system through which we can verify that a document is authentic, in particular the signatures on it. Between borders – whether they are across states or across countries – the specific duties of a notary can change. An Israel notary has more legal training, while most US notaries aren’t permitted to give legal advice, but rather act as witnesses to a signing.


What documents need notarization?

Any document whose authenticity you need to prove needs notarization. This may be legally required for documents pertaining to large sums of money or where a lot of trust needs to be put into the identities of each signer.

Notarization helps to verify that all participants in the contracts or document were of sound mind, willing to sign, and were identified as themselves by a neutral third party.

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What happens if I’m in one country, and need a document verified for a different country?

If both countries you are referring to are part of the Hague Apostille Convention – which the United States and Israel both are – you will need an apostille. An apostille is a stamped document or form, which verifies a document and has similar status to notary signing. Apostilles are handed out by the Ministry of Foreign affairs, through a local notary (in this case, an Israeli one).

Consult with a local notary with good experience in this process to progress.


Israeli vs United States Notaries

There are a few differences between Israeli and U.S notaries. In both cases, the notary is limited to their borders – which means you can’t remotely consult a U.S notary or consult an American notary who happens to be visiting Israel.

A main difference between Israeli and American notaries is their training. In Israel, a notary must be a lawyer with a set amount of years of experience. They then have to pass a course with the Ministry of Justice to become notaries. By extension, they can also offer their clients legal advice and advise them on what they need notarized.

In the United States, a notary’s exact responsibilities vary from state-to-state, but they generally are required to verify the identities of those involved in the contracts, to assess that they are of sound mind and consenting to the terms of the contract. They are trained to notice if someone is being coerced into the agreement.

נוטריון ישראל

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