MARG Swarnabhoomi

Panel Discussion on ‘New Paradigms for Business, Living & Learning’

Dr Preetha Reddy, Managing Director Apollo Hospitals

“Some of the best townships were done by Romans centuries ago with perfect specs for living quarters, education & requirements for health. Today we are reinventing the same”.

“Good infrastructure for commuting helps people become stress free.What they need is a good place to play, unadulterated food and of course healthcare nearby”.

Mr. Ranu Das, Managing Director, Fairwood Consultants

“Our city should not be designed for cars. We should design cities for people”.

“It is essential that the focus is on people and not on transport. If we can achieve this in designing & developing of new cities, it will lead to huge escalation in quality of life”.

Mr.Ramesh Ramanathan, Founder – Janagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy

“The city model which GRK is doing strives to reduce the cost at which we do business, the cost of living and the cost at which we enjoy our quality of life”.

“If GRK’s vision translates into reality, the people living in Swarnabhoomi will have extraordinary quality of life”.