MARG Swarnabhoomi

Multi Services Sector

The Multi Services SEZ is promoted to attract clients in various segments. It is spread across 300 Acres (Processing -150.65 Acres, Non Processing – 150 Acres). The proposed Innovation hub in Swarnabhoomi is expected to provide opportunity for applied research and facilitate industrial collaboration.

IT park

Amrita IT Park: As part of Multiservices SEZ, Amrita Research and Innovation Park (ARIP) is designed for and dedicated to institutions/companies to house their research and innovation centers. It provides excellent facilities and conducive work environment for leading industry players, enabling them towards having a strong research/innovation base. NCTPL has 6 Lakhs Sq.ft of leasable space in ARIP.


Science park

MARG Science Park is to establish a world-class infrastructure for cutting-edge research in life sciences technologies. It is intelligently designed to be a breeding ground for research and innovation. Spread over 2 Lakhs sq.ft , a part of multiservices SEZ at MARG Swarnabhoomi.

Business offer